Online Gambling

Online Gambling in Belize

Online Gambling in Belize is a relatively new industry. Legislation has recently been introduced to attract genuine investors to participate in the expansion of the financial services sector.

Regulations of the Gaming Control Act, Revised Edition 2000, have been adapted from similar regulations in successful gaming countries and adjusted to suit the Belizean situation. New regulations have been approved for the Gaming Control Act of 2000 and can be found in the Gaming Control (Online Gaming) Regulations which came into force in October 2004.

The Gaming Control (Online Gaming) Regulations provide for the regulation and administration of online casinos. Online gaming covers the spectrum of any games played by one person by means of a computer or other device, even though no other person participates in the game. It also includes games of combined skill and chance conducted by means of telecommunication for winnings in money or money's worth, the negotiation or receiving of any bet by means of telecommunication; or, any lottery in which any participant acquires a chance by means of telecommunication.

The online gaming regulation of October 2004 is specifically designed to cater to online gaming operators. A licensed online gaming operator is allowed to maintain servers elsewhere, but customer service operations should be conducted from within Belize.

A licensing fee has to be paid to the Government of Belize at the time the license is granted. One license is held per company at any given time and is valid for a period of twelve consecutive months commencing on such date on which the license is granted. The licensee has 60 days prior to the date of the expiration of the license, to apply for a renewal. If approved, an annual renewal fee becomes due and payable to the Government of Belize.

Online gaming licenses may be issued to businesses incorporated in Belize by the Online Gaming Licensing Committee, operating under the authority of the "Gaming Control (Online Gaming) Regulations of 2004."

Licenses are valid for 12 months, and require a USD $10,000 initial payment and USD $10,000 annual renewal fee. Online gaming sites licensed in Belize may not accept wagers from residents of Belize.